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On February 15, 2011 UModels Management was founded by Michael Stallings in New York City. His vision was to revolutionize the fashion industry. With his keen eye for fashion, his immense creativity , and his unwavering drive; Michael Stallings was seeking to take the fashion world by storm. UModels management is not a booking agency, but a mother agency who scouts, builds, and manages the models careers.

UModels Management looks out for the models best interest and seeks to make sure the model has a long lasting career in the modeling industry. This can be reflected in everything the mother agency does in regards for the model such as placement in the top agencies in the world. Agencies in cities such as Tokyo, Berlin , New York, London , Paris, and many others.

As the years have gone by UModels Management has made its self a house hold name in the industry producing well known and accredited models in all markets of the industry. From walking in runway shows, to commercials to major campaigns the UModels Management has done it all.

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